That was very sneaky of you, DxO

After using NIK software for so long (close to 20 years, through three different companies, NIK, Google, and DxO) when an actual update to Viveza and Silver EfexPro, I went to the download page, saw this small graphic, eye bending colors with no real cohesion, it meant nothing to me really. More on that later.

I downloaded it, installed it, bought it, as I had no reason not to (again more on that later) and activated it.

Now, I still use Adobe CS6 Extended. It works great, and all the major players plugins (On1, Topaz, Exposure) work with it.

Here's "More On That Later" - I fired up CS6, tried Viveza3, and got "Not enough Ram" error. Whohuhwha?

I started the older than CS6 version of Lightroom, and Viveza3 and SilverEfex Pro worked perfectly.
So, I tried it again in my newer than the Lightroom version CS6 and still got the Not Enough Ram message.

I send off a support request.

Turns out that small graphic on their sale/download page, if blown up 5 or 6x is legible. Colors are still eye-watering, though. Sneaky SOBs no longer allow CS6 and DxO NIK 4 (a misnomer, as only a few of the plugins have truly been updated)

As for then v3 of Viveza and Silver EfexPro: bloated, clunky, and next to impossible to figure out how to use. In my opinion, it was as if they tried to keep the old workflow and jammed it together with other brands work flow (*coughOn1cough*)

Good thing for me I had the last version of DxO NIK v3 installation file saved. I uninstalled v4, reinstalled v3, and all is well with the world.

Since I stupidly presumed that the 'updated' version would work with my current editing program, I activated it. No refund for me. I hope they have a nice lunch on me.

My opinion: Keep NIK v3x as is, and use other software to get what you need. Hey, since their new version of Viveza and SilverEfex Pro looks a lot like On1, how about just getting On1?