Loki is getting mellow in his old age

I had to move, lift, throw away some things in my office, and then vacuumed the floor, including taking the head off the vacuum and getting all the fur and smut off the cables, wires, and even the vents on the computer.

What does Loki do? Follows the vacuum head all over the room, even when I have it powered up. He the complained/meowed at me, looking around, all but saying "Put my stuff back.", which I did.

The second I sat down, Drax and Groo went dashing out of the room. Loki jumped up on the footstool demanding treats.

Yes, I am ruled by cats.

An addendum: I already hurt like hell from yesterdays' activities, so figured moving my chair, putting footstool on the sofa, lifting padded cat box to the top of the tower, and putting cat pad (formerly my seat cushion) in order to clean out my office of cat fur, dust and the stuff you get from regular foot traffic off the floor, wouldn't make me feel any worse.